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In this session, we delve into the limitations and strengths of the following areas: physical, cognitive, emotional, functional, environmental, medical, social, home safety, and legal/financial resources.  The Care Plan Evaluation is designed to tailor the plan of care with specific recommendations and resources. 


A summary of the overall circle of care is developed and generated for the client to use as a guide for the process.  Informational resources are also provided in the form of training modules and worksheets that will help the caregiver best plan for the care of their elderly loved one.

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1 in 3 seniors is affected by Alzheimer’s or other Dementia related diseases by the end of their lifespan. This disease is especially challenging to cope with because its symptoms vary along a broad spectrum of behaviors and manifestations, often leaving caregivers at their wit’s end.


Our goal in planning is to determine where we are in the disease process and what we can anticipate as the process continues.  From there, we develop a clear plan for everyone involved in the circle of care to move forward positively.  We identify what resources and services are available in your community as well.

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We develop a clear outline of your options and expectations based on the circumstances surrounding the crisis. A care plan is created to determine the next best steps in how we can best support you and your elderly loved one through all the chaos. You will be provided with a framework to help navigate the process and the guided support of our professional team.

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End of life planning can be particularly nerve-racking especially when the wishes of your loved one have not been made clear. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Determining Healthcare Benefits and Eligibilities

  • Notarizing Durable Power of Attorney 

  • Formulating Advanced Health Care Directives

  • Legal Matters

  • Financial Planning​

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Navigating your way around the healthcare system is challenge in an of itself. When you are trying to get well it can be an even greater challenge to manage it all.  Let us help by acting as your personal guide through some of the hoops and hurdles you may be facing in this crucial time. Our knowledge and experience in healthcare and benefits management will save you the time and money you could be spending doing the things you love with the people you love.

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